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Account types at CopeCart
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CopeCart operates in the online business realm based on a reseller model. This means that anyone interested can order and pay for products through CopeCart without needing to register beforehand.

However, if you wish to act as a seller and sell your own products or promote and sell products of other sellers, it is advisable to register as a user with us.

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Account Types

There are various users of CopeCart: buyers, vendors, joint venture partners, and affiliates.

Buyers are the only users who are not registered with CopeCart. They can purchase desired products through CopeCart.

As a registered user with CopeCart, you benefit from a comprehensive range of statistical and analytical reports. You gain access to performance and sales dynamics reports as well as detailed revenue reports for different periods. Additionally, CopeCart provides vendors and affiliates with dynamic statistics on buyer activities, facilitating clear and easy tracking of income and payouts.

With our statistical reports, you gain valuable insights into the success of your sales activities. You can analyze the performance of your products, monitor revenue over time, and track key metrics to optimize your sales strategies.

For vendors and affiliates, CopeCart offers a user-friendly platform where you can transparently track your income and payouts. You have access to clear reports that help you better understand your financial performance and maximize your earnings.

Sign up with CopeCart and take advantage of extensive statistical reports and easy income and payout tracking to boost your success in e-commerce.


The Vendor is a user registered with CopeCart who creates and sells products. The Vendor is a product owner who manages and configures all product details such as product name, description, price, and payment information. The Vendor decides whether it is possible to cooperate with affiliates or other Vendors in selling a product, and determines the share that will be paid to the Affiliate or other Vendor.

The Vendor can sell its own products as well as products of other Vendors. In other words, the Vendor Account allows the user to function as a vendor and an affiliate at the same time.

JVP (Joint Venture Partner)

Joint Venture Partner is a user registered with CopeCart as a Vendor. A Joint Venture Partner contributes to another Vendor's product by developing, testing, and/or promoting it. Essentially, a Joint Venture Partnership is a collaboration between two or more Vendors on a product.

For example, you're developing a piece of software, but you're missing some skills. So you ask another vendor to help you. That vendor then becomes your joint venture partner, and the revenue is split between the two of you.

How the revenue is split between all JVPs can be found here: JVP at CopeCart

  • Can I create my own products and sell other vendors' products?

With a vendor account, you can.

With an affiliate account, you can only sell other vendors' products.

  • Can an affiliate be a JVP?

Affiliates and Vendors can be JVP's.

Unfortunately, if you have an affiliate account, it is not possible to view your JVP sales in your dashboard. So that you can still see your sales, proceed as follows:

1.Go to your account settings

2. Go to "Account Type

3. Select "Vendor" and confirm with the green save button in the upper right corner.

4. You can now view your JVP sales in the transactions.

5. Then directly change the account type to "Affiliate" again and save this with the green save button.


An affiliate is a user registered with CopeCart who sells products of other people (Vendors) and receives a fixed commission for it. In other words, an Affiliate is an employee who promotes the Vendor's products and sells them through a special link.

NB: If the product is not purchased through the corresponding affiliate link, an affiliate does not receive affiliate commission.

In order to sell products of other Vendors, the Affiliate should send a request for cooperation to a Vendor. If the request has been confirmed, the affiliate will receive a corresponding fee each time the product is purchased through that affiliate's link. If the request has been denied, no affiliate link can be provided, so the affiliate will not be able to promote and sell the product.


Logisticians are affiliates with advanced privileges. They are a special group of users set up to maintain and track all shipping activities.

The Affiliate becomes a Logistician when a Vendor adds them as a Logistician. The Affiliate cannot request logistic rights.

How to add a logistician is described here: Logistician CopeCart

  • Can a user with the vendor account become a logistician?

No. Only an affiliate account allows becoming a logistician.

  • Can a registered user be an affiliate for one vendor and a logistician for another?

Yes. Logistics permissions are valid only for one cooperation between vendor and affiliate. For all other vendors, exactly this affiliate will be only one affiliate.

  • Can an affiliate create his own products?

No. Only Vendors can create the products.


Sellers, or distributors, are affiliates with advanced permissions. They are a special group of users created to sell products through the Phone Quote feature.

  • Can a user with the Vendor account become a seller?

No. Only an affiliate account allows becoming a vendor.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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