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Start with CopeCart as Affiliate
Start with CopeCart as Affiliate

Vendor and affiliate explanation, What is CopeCart, How to get started, Affiliate link, Account verification (KYC), Reseller model, Tips

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How about registering as an affiliate for free, giving you the opportunity to promote lucrative products and earn commissions in the process? CopeCart will support you from the beginning to make your start successful. Take this opportunity and let's work together to realize your full potential!

What exactly is CopeCart?

In its online business, CopeCart relies on a reseller model that creates a win-win situation for everyone. CopeCart purchases products directly from manufacturers and then markets them to end customers. This creates a seamless distribution channel that benefits both manufacturers and customers. Read more.

What is a Vendor and what is an Affiliate?

At CopeCart, creative minds become vendors - talented people who design and successfully sell their own products. As Vendors, they use the platform to make their creations available to a broad target group.

On the other hand, we have Affiliates - dedicated members of the CopeCart community who register to promote the products of other Vendors. By using special links, they generate sales and earn a set commission in the process.

At CopeCart, we bring together vendors, venders and affiliates to create a thriving online commerce ecosystem where everyone can contribute their unique skills and products.

How do I create an account?

Create your free CopeCart account directly.

How do I find products and vendors in the CopeCart marketplace?

Go to the "Marketplace" category in your dashboard.

Our marketplace is the go-to hub for affiliates looking for exciting products to promote. It's all about the variety of offers from talented vendors. Whether you're looking for trendy products in specific categories or prefer a higher commission rate, the marketplace gives you all the tools you need to find the perfect product.

Browse the different product types, filter by commission level or find the latest products at a glance.

  • filter by product type

  • filter by commission level, conversion rate or income level

  • use the search function, for example to search for keywords

Browse through different product categories, use the filters and find products that are not only exciting but can also contribute to your success as an affiliate. CopeCart Marketplace allows you to take control of your affiliate opportunities and selectively choose the best options.

The marketplace is your key to a wide range of products waiting for you to discover and promote.

How do I promote a product?

If you have found an interesting product, simply click on the "Promote" button. There are two possibilities:

  1. Some vendors release the product immediately as soon as you apply. So you can start right away and make your audience aware of this product.

  2. Some vendors review applications manually before releasing the product. In this case, they ask for some patience while they review your application. Once they confirm your eligibility, you can apply for the product, trusting their quality standards.

The "Promote" button is the first step to exciting partnerships and successful referrals.

How do I get my affiliate link?

With your own affiliate link you have the opportunity to promote high quality products and earn attractive commissions. Wondering how to get your personal affiliate link? We have the answer for you! Find out here how to generate your individual affiliate link and get started right away.

A CopeCart affiliate link looks like this:

Check your link before you post it in your community.

What is account validation and how do I do it?

At CopeCart we attach great importance to security and integrity. That is why it is of great importance for every newly registered Vendor and Affiliate to confirm their identity. Through our trusted verification process known as KYC - Know Your Client, we ensure that each user is a real person.

This thorough verification process is crucial to maintain a successful commercial activity at CopeCart and to be able to pay out your generated revenues without any problems. By ensuring that our community consists of authentic people, we create a trustworthy environment in which you can freely develop.

Your safety and satisfaction are important to us. Read more.

Good to know - Where to promote your products, your goals and much more

Here you will get lots of additional tips and information on how to track your goals, where to promote your products effectively and much more. Get started as an affiliate.

We're super excited to have you on board. Contact us if you have any questions, we're very happy to help.

Your CopeCart Team

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