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CopeCart as a reseller

The CopeCart reseller model simply explained, advantages with CopeCart

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The Reseller model

In the area of online business, CopeCart uses a reseller model. This essentially means that CopeCart purchases products from manufacturers and then remarkets them to end customers. When a person places an order, the purchase of the product occurs at CopeCart. Thus, the purchase process is handled between the person as buyer and CopeCart as seller.

How can you benefit from cooperation with CopeCart?

In online business, various experts such as accountants, lawyers, tax specialists, marketing analysts and PR managers are involved in the sales process. But with us you don't have to worry about that - we take care of all this work in the background, so you can fully concentrate on your business.

Our system provides you with transparency and easy tracking of all financial matters. We know that time is precious, so we take care of a lot of the accounting work to save you time and effort. You can count on us to have everything under control so you can focus on what's important: your successful online business.

Who takes care of all the necessary formalities with the tax offices and documents?

That is exactly what we do. As a reseller, CopeCart takes care of the calculation and deduction of tax fees in accordance with the law and pays them to the appropriate tax offices.

Is CopeCart supervised by BaFin?

BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, is an independent authority in Germany that supervises and regulates financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, financial service providers and securities trading. It has the responsibility to ensure the stability and integrity of the financial system and to ensure the protection of investors and consumers.

At CopeCart, we understand the importance of security and therefore work exclusively with carefully selected partners that are approved by BaFin. Although CopeCart is not a direct payment service provider, but acts as a reseller and organizes the purchase process, we still take care to comply with all relevant guidelines to minimize potential risks. Your security and satisfaction are our top priority.

How does CopeCart protect user data and guarantee secure payments?

At CopeCart, the security of your data is our top priority. Therefore, we would like to assure you that we do not store any credit card data. As a company, we do not act as a payment service provider, but as a reliable intermediary in online business.

To ensure that all payments are protected and comply with legal requirements, we work exclusively with PCI-certified institutions. These reputable partners are monitored by BaFin and meet the highest security standards.

In addition, we attach great importance to the authenticity of our users. Therefore, it is mandatory for every CopeCart user to disclose his/her identity. This measure ensures that only trustworthy people have access to our platform and protects both you and other users from potential fraud.

We want you to feel completely safe when using CopeCart and to be able to fully concentrate on your online business. That's why we do everything we can to ensure the highest security standards and work with trustworthy partners.

Is it legal to do business with CopeCart?

At CopeCart, legality and transparency are paramount. We place great emphasis on ensuring that all aspects of our business activities comply with applicable laws. This includes the proper payment of taxes to the tax authorities and the provision of detailed invoices and reports to our users.

To ensure that we always operate within the law, we work exclusively with BaFin-approved institutions. This ensures that illegal activities and violations of the law are excluded.

Our products go through a thorough review to ensure that they are free of harmful, inappropriate or illegal content. This is how we ensure that you, our customer, always receive high-quality and trustworthy products.

We take care of legal issues so you don't have to learn all the VAT rules that apply to different countries and products.

Your money is safe with us. We use security withholdings and make regular payouts to ensure that you receive your earnings reliably.

We are happy if you want to be a part of CopeCart. If you have any further questions, just contact our support, we are here for you.

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Your CopeCart Team

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