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Klarna at CopeCart

Klarna add as payment option in existing products, advantages, what is Klarna

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Are you ready to offer your customers a first-class shopping experience? We have good news: Klarna Premium is now available! Your customers can pay for their purchases in convenient installments and benefit from exclusive advantages.

To activate Klarna Premium for your customers, a brief verification of your account is required.

Simply fill out this form: Application form for Klarna Premium.

Our team will make sure that everything runs smoothly.

After we have checked your application, Klarna will be activated as a payment method for your products. Your customers can then benefit directly from the exclusive advantages of Klarna Premium.

After activation, you can activate the Klarna payment option for your products:

  • Log in to your CopeCart dashboard.

  • Go to the product overview and select the product for which you want to activate the Klarna payment option.

  • Click on "Edit" for the selected product.

  • Go to the "Payment options" section.

  • Select "Klarna" from the list of available payment options.

  • Save your settings (green button on the top right).

  • Your customers will then see the "Klarna" payment option at checkout.

Why an IPN Integration is necessary for using Klarna at CopeCart?

We want to ensure that your experience with CopeCart and Klarna is as seamless as possible. That's why we'd like to inform you about the significance of an IPN integration (Instant Payment Notification) in relation to using Klarna.

Klarna is an innovative payment solution that allows customers to shop conveniently in your online store. To ensure that transactions are processed seamlessly and that you can provide the best services, setting up an IPN integration is crucial.

The IPN integration enables instant notification about completed payments. When a customer pays through Klarna, we immediately receive information about the transaction, such as the payment amount, transaction ID, and the buyer. This allows us to trigger automated processes, such as sending order confirmations or granting access to digital products.

The IPN integration contributes to optimizing communication between you as vendors and your customers. Furthermore, it ensures the accurate processing of payments and minimizes manual interventions.

Please ensure that your IPN integration is correctly set up to make the most out of using Klarna and CopeCart. For detailed information on setting up an IPN integration, we recommend our article: Link to the IPN Article.

The possibilities and requirements of your customers when paying with Klarna

When completing the purchase, your customers will be offered several payment options via Klarna (for example: pay in 30 days, installment, pay now).

If the installment payment option is selected, your customers will receive several installment payment plans, for example, they can conclude an installment payment with Klarna for 6 installments. The entire installment payment is processed via Klarna.

  • 3 installments are possible without interest, up to an amount of 5.000,00 Euro

  • with interest up to 36 installments are possible (the exact details are determined by Klarna, CopeCart has no influence on this)

If your customers choose the "Pay now" option, they can do so via direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. To do this, they simply deposit their account details with Klarna and the payment is processed directly.

Advantages of Klarna for your customers

Klarna opens up a wide range of options for you as a vendor on CopeCart to meet the needs of your customers:

  • Immediate payment: Your customers can pay for their purchases immediately using their preferred payment method.

  • Later payment: Your customers have the freedom to make the purchase and postpone the payment to a later date to better manage their financial planning.

  • Convenient installment payment: Thanks to Klarna, your customers can spread the cost of their purchases over several months to buy products that may be outside their immediate budget.

Requirements for your customers

  • Minimum legal age of 18 years: Your customers must be at least 18 years old to purchase your products. Klarna aims to ensure that the contract is effective and to protect both parties from unforeseen challenges.

  • Billing address must match delivery and registration address: To minimize security and misuse risks, your customers must provide a valid address that matches both the delivery address and the registered residence address.

  • Successful identity and credit checks: In order for you and your customers to build a successful and long-term relationship, the identity, and creditworthiness of your buyers will be checked during the sale. This check is performed by Klarna directly and serves the protection and security of both parties.

    After the buyer has successfully passed the check, the purchase is completed and finalized.

The advantages for you as a vendor

  • Expanded offering: By integrating Klarna, you can offer your customers a wider range of payment options, which increases your attractiveness.

  • Higher satisfaction of your customers: They appreciate the flexibility Klarna offers them, which can lead to increased satisfaction with your offerings.

  • Increase in sales: The different Klarna payment options can help to increase conversion rates and thus increase your sales.

Fast processing: As a vendor, you receive the full purchase amount immediately, regardless of whether your customer has agreed to pay in installments with Klarna or not.


What happens if my customer cannot pay his installments with Klarna?

As a CopeCart vendor, you don't need to worry about customers defaulting on their installment payments. If the customer cannot pay the installments via Klarna, this will be handled directly between Klarna and the customer.

Klarna makes the money available to CopeCart directly after the purchase, which means that business operations run smoothly for you as a vendor.

The advantage for you as a vendor is that Klarna provides the total amount to CopeCart immediately after a purchase has been completed, regardless of whether the customer has agreed to pay in installments with Klarna or not.

This ensures that payments can be made to CopeCart, and thus to the Vendor, regardless of possible payment defaults. Klarna assumes responsibility for processing payment defaults, thus maintaining the financial integrity of the system.

Can Klarna also be used for B2B sales?

Klarna can only be used for B2C sales.

Can Klarna also be used for phone offers?

Yes, of course! You are welcome to choose Klarna as a payment method when you make a purchase with your customers over the phone.

You can learn everything about phone offer at CopeCart here.

Is Klarna also available for my CopeCart shop?

Yes! If you have a CopeCart shop, you can add Klarna as a payment method so that your customers have an even wider range of payment methods.

You can find out everything about your CopeCart shop here.

Can Klarna also be used for upsells?

Yes, but there is a restriction that Klarna can only be used for upsells with a one-time payment, just like the main product. For upsells that are sold as subscriptions or include trial periods, Klarna cannot be offered as an option. Read more about upsells here.

Can Klarna be used worldwide?

What are the CopeCart fees when using Klarna?

There is a fee when using Klarna as a payment method via CopeCart. When processing transactions through Klarna, we charge a fee of 6.99% of the transaction amount plus 1 Euro. This fee covers the cost of processing and integrating Klarna into our platform.

It is important to note that this fee is deducted directly from your revenue when your customers use Klarna for their purchases. To help you calculate your costs and profits, we recommend that you include the fees in your pricing.

Do buyers have the option to open a dispute at Klarna?

Although Klarna strives to ensure smooth transactions, there may still be cases where end consumers are dissatisfied with the products they have received or have not received them.

It is important for vendors to know that despite the smooth Klarna payment process, end users have the possibility to initiate a dispute. This means that if a customer is dissatisfied with a product or has not received it, it is possible to open a dispute.

Klarna is committed to handling dispute cases fairly and efficiently to ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained. If you as a vendor are confronted with a dispute, CopeCart is available to assist in finding a solution. We will notify you by email and ask for appropriate evidence for clarification. We would like to point out that prompt cooperation is essential to complete the process efficiently.

We hope that this information will help you to better understand how Klarna handles disputes and that you can offer your customers the best possible support in the event of disagreements. If you have any further questions, please contact the CopeCart support team.

Overall, Klarna's integration with the CopeCart system guarantees smooth processing payments, while safely isolating the potential risks of non-payment from the business activities of CopeCart and the Vendors. This structure allows you to transact without hesitation, while ensuring buyers the flexibility they need in their payments.

The introduction of Klarna payments opens up a new dimension of customer satisfaction and sales potential for you as a vendor on CopeCart. Use this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your customers and increase your sales.

If you have any questions about integrating Klarna into your sales strategy or communicating the benefits to your customers, our customer support team is here to help. Together we will make sure you get the most out of Klarna payment options.

*Please note that Klarna availability may vary by location. Klarna decides which installment payment options are offered to your customers when purchasing with Klarna, CopeCart has no influence on this.

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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