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Paypal Pay Later at CopeCart

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PayPal Pay Later - The PayPal Pay Later function

If you use CopeCart as a vendor and would like to offer your customers a flexible payment option, then the PayPal payment option may be of interest to you, because customers with a good credit rating can use PayPal Pay Later, the later payment function.

In this case, customers are given the opportunity to pay the purchase amount at a later date or in installments. However, to CopeCart the purchase price is paid immediately. This allows a faster payment to you (please note here also the payout intervals of CopeCart).

How does PayPal Pay Later work for vendors through CopeCart?

When a customer decides to purchase your products through CopeCart and chooses the PayPal payment option, there is a possibility that the customer will be offered PayPal Pay Later. This option allows the customer to pay the amount at a later date or in installments, while PayPal pays the full purchase amount to CopeCart in advance.

Therefore, you will receive the total amount of the order directly and on time, according to the CopeCart payout intervals.

How do I set up PayPal Pay Later?

If you want to sell in the EU and consider PayPal Pay Later as a payment method

there are some important steps to follow.

  • Set up product: You can activate the PayPal payment method on the products of your choice. These products will then have the PayPal Pay Later option. More about this in the next point.

  • Only for one-time payment: The PayPal Pay Later option will only be available for one-time payments. This means that for installment payments, this option cannot be selected.

  • Checkout: The PayPal Pay Later option will only be visible on the checkout for buyers from Germany. Buyers from other countries will not see this option on the checkout, but they will be able to select PayPal Pay Later in the confirmation screen at PayPal during checkout.

  • Advantages of PayPal Pay Later in Germany: For German buyers PayPal Pay Later offers the following payment options:

    • Pay Later installment: For suitable buyers PayPal Pay Later offers the possibility of your purchase in 3, 6, 12 or 24 monthly installments to pay for an amount between 99 € and 5,000 €.

    • Pay in 30 days: Suitable buyers have the possibility to complete the purchase directly and pay the amount due in 30 days.

    Other countries may experience different offers, depending on PayPal's terms and availability in the buyers country.

  • Fraud Protection: To protect your products from fraudulent use, CopeCart has integrated security measures into the checkout. If more than 5 purchase attempts are detected from a single IP address, this IP address will be blocked for 24 hours.

Credit check and approval

Before the customer can use PayPal Pay Later, PayPal performs a credit check to ensure that the customer is able to make the installment payments.

This credit check is performed independently of you as a Vendor and does not affect the order process through CopeCart. Please note that PayPal Pay Later approval is not a guarantee of the customer's ability to pay.

Also, CopeCart has no influence on this check and its result.

The PayPal PayLater option is not available in Austria. This feature is only available in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Payment processing

Once the customer has been approved for PayPal Pay Later and selects the payment at a later date or the installment payment option, payment processing will proceed as follows: PayPal will pay CopeCart the full purchase amount in advance.

The payment to you as a vendor is made as usual in the payment interval 80/20.

The customer, on the other hand, has the option to repay the total amount to PayPal in installments.

Benefits for you as a Vendor

The integration of PayPal Pay Later into your sales processing via CopeCart offers you as a vendor several advantages. By paying out the full purchase amount from PayPal ahead of time, you receive your money promptly without having to wait for the customer to pay in installments.

This improves your liquidity and enables a smooth processing of orders.


PayPal Pay Later is an option that allows customers to pay the purchase amount at a later date or in installments, while you, as a vendor through CopeCart, receive full payment with the first payment, according to the CopeCart payout interval*.

The credit check is performed by PayPal, and the approval is not a guarantee of the customer's ability to pay. Using PayPal Pay Later can provide financial benefits to you as a Vendor and make payment processing easier.

* Copecart will transfer 80% of the amount to you on the next possible payment date (at least 14 days after successful order).

For security reasons, the remaining 20% will be transferred to you after 40 days.

If you have any further questions about the Paypal Pay Later feature, please feel free to contact our support team, we are happy to help.

Best regards

Your CopeCart-Team

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