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Payment method and returns

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This guide gives you a detailed overview of the different payment options you can offer your customers when selling with CopeCart. The flexibility of the payment methods helps to make the checkout process as convenient as possible for customers.

Convenient checkout: an overview of the CopeCart payment methods

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay und Microsoft Pay

These modern payment methods allow your customers to make their purchases quickly and securely via their preferred mobile devices. The integration of these options makes shopping a breeze with just a few clicks. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay are supported, provided payment by credit card is enabled.

  • PayPal

We have also integrated PayPal as one of the leading digital payment methods. Your customers can pay securely and conveniently via their PayPal accounts, offering additional flexibility.


Sofortüberweisung allows your customers to pay directly from their bank accounts. Your customers will be securely redirected to their online banking page to easily authorize the payment.

  • SEPA direct debit

The SEPA direct debit is perfect for recurring payments. Your customers give you permission to automatically debit amounts from their bank accounts. This allows them to keep control of their payments and you can ensure a smooth process.

  • Invoice

The "Invoice" option allows your customers to receive their order first and pay the amount due within a specified period. The option to pay by invoice can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty. Customers appreciate the flexibility of receiving products or services before they have to pay, as this means less pressure to pay. This can lead to higher conversion rates, as interested parties are more likely to complete a purchase.

The security of payment data is our top priority. All transactions are encrypted and comply with strict security standards.

Refund setting/ Withdrawal

As a Vendor, you have the option of configuring the refund option or deactivating it for customers. You can choose between 14, 30 and 60 day refund periods, please also note the return policy for the free trial period.

Important: Refunds are automatically approved if requested within the specified time periods.

Payment details

Here you can choose whether the specified product price should be set as net amount or gross amount.

For a net amount, the current VAT rate is added to the price, resulting in an increase in the total amount for the purchase. On the other hand, with a gross amount, the applicable VAT is already included in this amount.

Multiple quantity option

As a rule, customers can only purchase one copy of a product at a time. However, if the option for multiple purchases is activated, it is possible to purchase a higher number of units of the same product. As a vendor, you determine the maximum number of units of a product that a customer can purchase per order.

In this example, a customer could order three units of the same product in a single order instead of placing three identical orders separately.

Free trial period

You also have the option to activate a trial period for a product. This option is deactivated by default. Please note that customers can use your product free of charge during the trial period. Payment for the product is therefore only made after the trial period has expired. You can set the trial period to a period between 1 and 30 days.

Here are two possible scenarios for a combination of free trial period and return policy:

  • If a 30-day free trial period and a 14-day return policy is offered:

As no costs are incurred during the first 30 days (free trial period), no refunds can be made to the customer during this period.

At the end of the 30-day free trial period, the 14-day withdrawal period begins. A refund to the customer is possible within this period.

  • If a 30-day free trial period is offered with no right of refund:

In this case, no refund can be requested as no payments have been incurred. Even if a refund is requested within the first 30 days, this cannot be done as no fees are incurred at this time. After the 30 days have expired, no refund can be made either, as this is not possible according to the return policy.

Add Payment Plans

You can choose between three payment methods:

  1. One-time payment: The total amount for the product is paid once and immediately.

  2. Subscription: The customer is billed for the amount after specified time intervals.

  3. Installment: The product price is divided into several payments.

It is possible to activate several payment plans so that the customer has the option of selecting the most favorable plan for him/her.

Please note: For security reasons, the SEPA payment method is only available for validated vendors.

Vendors who have not completed user validation (KYC) cannot set SEPA as an available payment method for their customers.

Important note! CopeCart has a SEPA limit for product prices. If the price of a product exceeds €500, the payment option via SEPA (or direct debit) is not available. If your product exceeds this limit, you have the option to contact our support to arrange a possible increase of the SEPA limit.

We hope that this guide gives you a clear overview of the payment options available. If you have any questions or uncertainties, our customer support is always available.

Thank you for being part of the CopeCart community. We are excited to support you in your success and provide you with an outstanding sales experience!

Best regards

Your CopeCart team

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