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SEPA payments

SEPA payments, direct debits and return debits

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At CopeCart, you can offer the SEPA payment method for your customers as a vendor.

The SEPA transfer is the standard transfer for transactions in euros. SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. There are three types of SEPA bank transfers offering three different services: the SEPA standard transfer, the SEPA real-time transfer and the SEPA direct debit.

It should be noted that for security reasons, the SEPA payment method is only available to validated users. Vendors who have not performed the user validation (KYC - Know Your Client) cannot set SEPA as an available payment method for their customers.

User validation is an important measure to ensure transaction security and prevent fraudulent activity. By ensuring that all users have been validated, we can create a trusted and secure environment for all stakeholders.

SEPA payment

If a customer selects SEPA as a payment method on the checkout page and provides all necessary payment details (name, contact details, IBAN), the person authorizes the mandate and thereby agrees to the direct debit.

The debit of the person's bank account is done by CopeCart.

It is important to note that SEPA transactions are not due immediately. The direct debit is not activated immediately. It may take a few business days to receive payment confirmation. In certain cases and depending on the executing bank, it may even take up to 14 days for the payment to be confirmed.

If the customer would like the product to be activated or shipped immediately after the order is received, even with these two payment methods, we are happy to contact the linked provider or logistician and make the adjustment.

However, it is important to note that this may carry an increased risk as payments have not yet been confirmed. If the payment is not successful, the access can also be automatically blocked again. If this procedure is still desired, feel free to contact our support via the chat at the bottom right and we will be happy to assist you.

For refunds to the customer

Since processing a SEPA refund can take up to five business days, always inform your customers that you have made a refund. This will help you avoid double chargebacks. Your customer can still make a chargeback for up to eight weeks.

SEPA returned direct debits

Any returned direct debit initiated by the customer up to 8 weeks after the debit is automatically resolved in favor of the buyer.

In this case, the direct debit amount will be debited from the Vendor's account and transferred back to the Customer's account. The Vendor will also pay an additional chargeback fee.

Learn more about this here: Return debit notes at CopeCart

Reasons for chargebacks

Possible reasons for a chargeback dispute include, but are not limited to:

  • insufficient funds in the customer account

  • the customer's account has been frozen

  • the customer has provided incorrect account information

  • the customer has disputed a direct debit

  • the vendor has not fulfilled its part of the agreement

For further questions, please contact our support team.

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