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How to get started as an affiliate
How to get started as an affiliate

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You have just signed up as an affiliate with CopeCart and need a few tips and tools to get started? Then you've come to the right place.

How to get started as an affiliate with CopeCart

As an affiliate you will receive a commission for every successful transaction. Your marketing brings enormous benefits, both for the customers, the vendors and also the joint venture partners. So it's not surprising that this kind of marketing has gained enormous importance - and is gaining more and more! Here we show you which tools you can use to expand and further deepen your opportunities for successful affiliate marketing.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

One of your most important tools are Key Performance Indicators, so-called KPIs. CopeCart provides you with 46 key performance indicators to track your performance. Make data-based decisions using a dashboard that automatically analyzes and segments customer data. The data analysis consists of a general overview and various individual dashboards, which give you insight into the most diverse areas.

  • Measurable growth with Smart Analytics

Set your annual, monthly and daily goals with the goal function to be able to work out strategies. This allows you to plan your success as an affiliate step by step.

  • Link to conversion-optimized landing pages

If you have your own landing page or blog, make sure to place the correct link in the appropriate places. For example, if you have created a blog post about a successful career move, link to your vendor's new coaching, which fits perfectly with the topic. Just use your affiliate link for this.

  • Create your "Tools" page and keep it up to date

Even if your community is (still) small, create a page where you keep your tools up to date. Use this page to place your affiliate links and also link to pages where reviews for the products are given. When the experience of a purchase is shared positively, it increases the likelihood that more people will want to buy that product. Keep this info up to date and easily accessible to users.

  • Rating tools

Write your own reviews for the products you market. A large part of people read reviews before they buy a certain product. Use this powerful tool to increase your sales. Reviews with background and expertise also increase your value in the industry. There are numerous review platforms on the internet, check here which one suits you and your affiliate products best.

  • Functionality of your content

Make sure you keep your content current. It is difficult to constantly come up with good new texts. Therefore, reuse your already created texts as well, but check them regularly to make sure they are up to date. It's also important that they work on all your channels, so check the functionality on all your platforms from time to time.

  • Add new content to existing content

Increase the chance of generating affiliate sales by adding new articles and your associated affiliate links to your existing content. Take advantage of the "old" content in terms of SEO benefits, so the new content can benefit directly from link sharing and draw on organically grown traffic.

  • Call to Actions (CTA's)

If you have created a longer blog post, for example, add so-called Call to Action's at the end of your article. This can be a linked image, a button or even a text link. Have a look at our button templates.

  • Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)

This refers to all measures that serve to ensure that your website appears as high as possible in the hit lists of Internet search engines. Keywords, URLs, alt text, image file names, links and even the speed of your website are just a few of the many ways to improve your website's SEO.

  • Use the vendor's marketing tools

Many of our vendors already provide materials for their affiliates. These can be used directly for marketing activities by you, without you having to create elaborate tools yourself. These can be different resources, for example: Website banners, sales documents, logos and usage guidelines, email templates, sample texts for products and much more. You can then add them to your website, share them on your social media channels and use them in your newsletter.

  • Discounts and Promo Codes

If your vendor provides great discounts and promo codes, take advantage of them and also don't miss seasonal opportunities to market your products, such as a winter caching or vacation discount in the summer.

  • Start a mailing list

Email marketing includes sending commercial emails and newsletters. So build a newsletter base and increase your sales by regularly sending interesting news via email to your existing customers and new customers. Don't forget to add value here instead of just spreading your affiliate links. Focus on good articles or interesting news from your niche, so you will also provide sustainable growth.

  • Social Media

Of course, you can use your social media channels to do affiliate marketing in your community for your products. Make sure you have good content and balanced posts. Use all tools and the corresponding KPI's of the platforms.

This list is not exhaustive, feel free to use it as inspiration and reminder. Get creative and keep your goals in mind.

We are happy to have you on board.

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Your CopeCart Team

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