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How do I make a test order?
How do I make a test order?

Explanation for a test order and FAQ

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For every vendor at CopeCart, there is an opportunity to try out the order process for free and without impacting your stats! Give it a try.

With these order tests, you can check if payment IPNs and data transfer work smoothly.

Place a test order

If you want to test the ordering process without triggering the IPN, move to the third step. This will result in a test purchase and a corresponding record in the transaction list.

To run a test order that triggers an IPN, please follow the next steps:

  1. Select your product and go over to your product overview. Click on the “Interfaces” section and check the box.

  2. Make sure that the checkbox for your test order is activated.

  3. Proceed to the product's checkout page and complete an order with a trial payment.

  4. After the test order is complete, check to see if the IPNs have been triggered.


  • The trial purchase is free of charge

  • If you select a test payment as a payment method, no card details or bank details are required

  • The test order will be displayed in your list of transactions, but is not included in the statistics.

  • IPN and app push messages are the only notifications triggered by the trial purchase. You will not receive email notifications after completing a trial purchase. However, if you use your email address as the buyer email address on the checkout page, you will receive a standard email about the successful order.

  • CopeCart can trigger IPN when the payment status is "pending". You have the possibility in some tools (e.g. Digimember) to set it accordingly. Please contact the support of the respective provider.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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