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How do I pre-fill fields on the order form?
How do I pre-fill fields on the order form?

Fields on the order form before filling (by GET parameters)

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The abandonment rate of visitors who do not purchase the product can lead to a significant drop in sales. However, integrating existing data into your order forms can have a positive impact on conversion rates and thus on your sales.

By adding pre-existing data to your order forms, you provide visitors with a faster and more convenient experience. Customized details such as name, address, and payment information can be pre-filled automatically, which means potential buyers spend less time and effort entering this information.

This personalized approach helps lower the barrier to purchase and builds visitor confidence. By making the ordering process smooth and efficient, visitors are more likely to act on their purchase intent and actually buy the product.

By integrating existing data into your order forms, you can reduce abandonment and increase conversion rates. This has a positive impact on your sales and contributes to an overall successful business result.

What are GET parameters?

GET parameters, also known as “URL parameters”, are used to insert shortcodes into a URL in order to transfer certain information and data efficiently.

A quick and easy click on the email address field will give you a selection of email addresses you've used in the past—you may be familiar with this parameter from the signup process on other platforms.

Append parameters to the order form URL

You can append the following parameters to the order form URL so that they are immediately transferred to the order form.

Currently, the following GET parameters are supported (both for normal checkout and for two-step checkout):

Please note: The "?state" parameter is mandatory only for US residents.

For the "?state" parameter, you should use the official 2-letter state codes from the ANSI standard INCITS 38:2009:




For customers outside the USA, it is possible to set any string value or leave it blank.

IMPORTANT! Do not use country codes with the "?country" parameter. Always set a country name to avoid incorrect configuration.

It is automatically checked whether it is a private person or a company.

This is done via the parameters "? Private_person" (private person) and "? Company_name" (company name of the customer).


Each parameter should be preceded by a "?".

If several parameters are to be transferred, an "&" must be inserted between the individual parameters.

For further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

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