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Requirements for an Effective Dispute Resolution Process
Requirements for an Effective Dispute Resolution Process

Description of Requirements for Dispute Resolution

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How to approach efficiently the dispute resolution together?

Stripe and Paypal often demand a list of specific requirements as proof for CopeCart to win customer-initiated disputes. To ensure a positive outcome, we kindly ask our salespeople to provide the necessary documentation. Below you will find a summary of the required elements of the documents.

  • Customer communication: Any communication with the customer that is pertinent to your case (e.g. emails confirming that the customer received the product or service, or screenshots demonstrating their utilization of or satisfaction with it). It must be compiled in a single PDF attachment.

  • Customer signature: A relevant document or contract containing the customer's signature.

  • Shipping documentation: Evidence demonstrating that the product was sent to the customer at the address given to you shall be provided. This could include a replica of the shipment confirmation or label containing the complete shipping address.

  • Receipt: Any receipt or communication sent to the customer notifying them of the transaction. This is provided by CopeCart.

  • Other evidence: Any other documents which may be relevant to your case.

  • Tracking number: code assigned to package when it was shipped

  • Refund and cancellation policy: A screenshot or PDF of the refund and cancellation policy that is visibly accessible on your website and accepted by the customer. This is provided by CopeCart.

  • Terms disclosure: PDF of the checkout flow, including the website URL displayed in the address bar, in addition to the checkbox reflecting how customers accept the refund and cancellation terms, along with hyperlinks to said terms. This is provided by CopeCart.

  • Duplicated documentation: Documentation for the previous charge that can be used to uniquely identify the charge, such as a receipt, shipping label, work order, etc. This is provided by CopeCart.

  • Access activity log: Supplying server or activity logs will aid in verifying that the customer accessed or downloaded the purchased digital product. These logs should include IP addresses, related timestamps, and any precise logged activity.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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CopeCart Team

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