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Promo codes at CopeCart

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If you want to offer special discounts to your customers, promo codes are a great way to do it. Here you'll learn step by step how to create promo codes to delight your shoppers and increase your sales.

First things in advance

  • Your promo code can be created as a percentage discount or as a fixed amount.

  • To receive a discount, your buyers must enter the coupon code on the checkout page.

  • One promo code can be used per order.

  • The granted discount will be applied to all items in the order, no matter how many products or add-ons are in the selection.

  • You can also create a new promo code, view your older coupons, edit or deactivate promo codes in the CopeCart app.

  • For installments and subscriptions, the discount applies to each payment.

  • Promo codes give you the opportunity to promote your products. By using a promo code, you can entice your customers to buy more of your products.

Promo code - create easily

  • Log in to your CopeCart account.

  • Click on "Products" in the main menu.

  • Select the "My Promo Codes" category in the top right corner.

  • Click on the button "New Promo Code". The screen for creating your coupon code will open.

Filling in instructions - General information

  1. Event name: Enter a name for your promo code, for example "Summer Offer" or "Winter Sale".

  2. Promo code: Enter the alphanumeric coupon code. Your customers will need to use this code on the checkout page to activate the discount. Make sure each code is clear and simple to avoid errors when entering the discount. Only capital letters and numbers can be used when creating coupon codes. Example: "SUMMER2023"

  3. Start Date/ End Date/ Time Zone: Here you set the validity period of the promo code. You can use the current date as the start date or schedule the promo code for future use. Please note that the promo code will be active on the end date until 23:59:59 German time and will expire after that.

Filling in instructions - discount details

  1. Choose a percentage discount OR

  2. a fixed discount amount.

IMPORTANT: Note that this discount (depending on the setting) is applied to all items in the order and the total amount of the order must be at least 1.00 €.

Please also note that for installments and subscriptions the discount will be deducted from each installment.

Filling in instructions - applicability

  1. Per-product applicability allows customers to buy a specific product at a discount without affecting the prices of the other products in the order. You select the appropriate product or several products by clicking the "Add product" button.

  2. Per-order applicability allows your customers to get a discount for any product item in the order, including add-ons.

Save your promo code by clicking on the green saving button.

Last step to activate your promo code

Next, go to your product(s) for which you want your promo code to apply and go to the "Payment Details" category.

Activate the box "Enable promo codes". Also save this change in your product by clicking the green save button.

Finished! Your promo code is now active and ready to use!

Insert voucher code in URL

How it works: Use the voucher code directly in the URL

We have now made it even easier for you to use voucher codes at CopeCart! You can now send your customers the voucher code directly in the URL. As soon as the customer opens the link, the reduced price is automatically displayed. No more laborious typing - just click and save!


  1. Add the following to the end of the URL: ?promocode=yourpromocode

  2. Share this special URL with your customers.

  3. When the URL is opened, the discount is automatically applied and the reduced price is displayed.

Example URL:

Enjoy the convenience and ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers!

Here is a short video on how to add the coupon code to the URL, click on the image to see it larger:

Discount calculation

  • Net price

For products with net price shown, the discount is applied before deduction of taxes, fees and commissions. This means that the discount is applied to the pure product value before any further deductions. The end customer will pay the amount of VAT based on the discounted product price. This means that VAT will be calculated on the discounted product price after the discount has been deducted.

  • Gross price

The product with the gross price already includes the VAT rate in its cost, therefore the discount applies to the entire product price.

Please note that discounts are taxable. In the course of checkout, the discount is always applied and calculated on the gross amount.

For products with a stated net price, the VAT is added to the discount amount.

For products with a stated gross price, the VAT is already included in the discount amount.

  • Affiliate, JVP and Vendor shares are calculated from the discount price and NOT from the original product price:

Selection: Per order

Should the discount be applied per order, this discount will apply to each product item ordered.

If two different products are ordered and the promo code gives a 50% discount, it means that the customer buys each product with a 50% discount.

If two items of the same product are ordered and the coupon code gives a 50% discount, the customer will receive a 50% discount on each of these items.

If a product is ordered together with an addon, the customer will receive a 50% discount on both the main product and the addon.

Selection: Per product

Should the discount be applicable per product, the discount will be granted exclusively on the selected product.

If two different products are ordered and the promo code specifies a 50% discount for a particular product, the customer will receive the 50% discount exclusively on the product to which the discount applies.

When ordering two units of the same product to which the discount is applied and using a promo code for a 50% discount, the customer will receive a 50% discount on each of these units.


Can my customers use multiple promo codes per order?

No, the discounts cannot be combined with each other. Only the use of a single promo code is possible per order.

What does the discount apply to?

In case of promo codes per order, the promo code is applicable for each item in the order.

On the other hand, the promo code per product applies exclusively to the discounted product.

Please note that the discount is never applied to shipping costs.

How does the promo code for subscriptions and installments work?

As soon as a customer enters a promo code during the ordering process, the discount granted is applied not only to the first regular payment, but also to all following regular payments. This will continue until the entire payment plan is completed.

Please note that modifications to the promo code will only affect future purchases. Any modifications will not affect existing subscriptions and installment payments made before the promo code was adjusted.

Do GET parameters work with coupon codes?

This is not possible at the moment.

Does a promo code expire automatically?

Yes, a promo code expires automatically on the end date at 23:59:59 (time zone you choosed) that you set during the validity period configuration.

Is it possible to use expired or deactivated promo codes?

No, this is not possible. Expired or deactivated promo codes are inactive and can not be used for new purchases.

What happens to subscriptions or installments after the promo code expires?

As soon as a customer subscribes to a product or makes an installment payment with an active promo code, the discount will be applied to all subsequent subscription or installment payments for that product. This applies even if the promo code has expired in the meantime.

For example, suppose a customer subscribes to a product with weekly payments of €50 and uses a promo code for a €20 discount. Under these conditions, the first payment is €30, and this discount is automatically applied to all subsequent payments. This arrangement means that it does not matter when the discount code expires. The customer will pay 30 € weekly until the end of the subscription.

Can I delete a promo code?

Yes. Please be aware that removing a promo code is a final action that cannot be undone.

Can I edit a promo code?

Yes. To make a change to a promo code, you must first lock the code. Then you can make the desired adjustments and save the changes.

Can I block or reuse a promo code?

Yes, you have the option to manually block or deactivate a promo code before it expires. It is important to note that blocking a discount code will not affect any purchases already made using that code.

Once a promo code has been blocked, it immediately loses its validity and can no longer be used, even if the expiration date has not been reached yet.

You can edit the blocked promo code and reactivate it. However, note that an edited and restored promo code will only affect future purchases.

We wish you success in creating your coupon codes. If you have any further questions, please contact our support.

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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