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Cancel receivables from debt collection
Cancel receivables from debt collection
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Debt collection is the process by which outstanding debts are recovered. It occurs when someone does not pay their bills. The collection agency contacts the debtor to find a solution. Sometimes payment arrangements are made to pay off the mountain of debt. Debt collection can help settle outstanding debts and help debtors settle their debts.

In this article, we've summarized for you the most important points on how to cancel debt in collections as a vendor.

  1. The vendor has the possibility to cancel receivables that have not been sent for collection yet, free of charge on the CC page.

    This condition applies only if the manual collection setting has been previously enabled. Should the setting be disabled, all receivables will be collected automatically and can only be cancelled via the Diagonal system.

  2. If the vendor has already sent receivables for collection, he can cancel them on the Diagonal page. The link to the Diagonal page is located on our Collection page.

    Note: These claims can only be cancelled on the Diagonal page and not in the CC account.

  3. The vendor is only allowed to cancel claims that have not yet ended up in court. If the claim is already in court, there is no possibility of cancellation.

  4. If an order has been handed over to the collection and the seller wants to cancel it, the cost is 81.24 EUR gross per cancellation.

    The amount for the cancellation will be deducted from the seller's payouts.

  5. The amount will be visible in your account settings under "Withdrawals".

    There will be no separate invoice for this payment. The payment will be displayed in the payout invoices.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

    Best regards

    Your CopeCart Team

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