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Connection to KlickTipp via Zapier

KlickTipp, IPN

Updated this week

Klick-Tipp is an email marketing software that specializes in automated and privacy-compliant email campaigns. It offers functions such as tag-based marketing, autoresponders, newsletter creation and detailed analyses. The platform helps companies to address their target groups in a targeted manner and improve customer loyalty.

The following link will explain you all the features of the KlickTipp interface.

  1. We start in your CopeCart account.

  2. Select “IPN Connections” from your settings and create a new integration.

  3. So select “KlickTipp” integration and follow all 6 steps below.

  4. Now activate this IPN connection on any product and perform a test order.

For more questions about your KlickTipp account, follow this link.

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