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How do I create an affiliate program for upsells?
How do I create an affiliate program for upsells?

Create partner program for upsells, automatic release for upsells, Upsell Funnel

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When you create an upsell product on CopeCart, you have the option to select an existing product as a template to design the upsell.

When you create the upsell, the affiliate settings of the product are automatically transferred. This means that by default the upsell product will have the same affiliate settings as the frontend product.

Once you create the upsell product, you have the freedom to customize the affiliate configuration as you wish.

A particularly handy feature is the automatic affiliate approval for upsell products. If your upsell has its own affiliate program, affiliates promoting the front-end product can automatically access it. This small but extremely useful feature simplifies the process of working together for both the vendor and affiliates.

As an affiliate, you do not need to request approval for upsell products from CopeCart, as long as you are allowed to promote a frontend product. All upsell products in the upsell funnel of this product are automatically approved for you.


  1. As an affiliate, you now only need to request the release of the frontend products - you will get the release for the upsells automatically! We at CopeCart appreciate making your (affiliate) life as easy as possible!

  2. In the past, many affiliates have lost a lot of money, either because they forgot to get approval for certain upsells or because the vendor changed the funnel afterwards and introduced other upsells. But with CopeCart, this is no longer an issue. As long as you're allowed to promote a front-end product, all upsells are automatically approved for you - regardless of what happens!

    At CopeCart, we care about fairness. We want to make sure that as an affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote all available upsells and get the full potential of your engagement. You don't have to worry about upsells being withheld from you or terms changing after the fact. With us, there is transparency and fairness.

    Trust in CopeCart and be sure that we appreciate your efforts and make sure that you are treated fairly as an affiliate. Together we create a win-win situation for you, the vendor and everyone involved.

  3. With CopeCart, integrating a new upsell product into the upsell funnel becomes an effortless task for vendors. There is no need to ask all affiliates individually for approval, as this process is handled automatically. This seamless integration of upsells facilitates and promotes flexible and successful collaboration between vendors and affiliates.

    Thanks to the automated approval of upsells, vendors can flexibly adapt their sales strategies and seamlessly integrate new products into the funnel. This efficiency not only increases productivity, but also enables smooth collaboration with affiliates.

At CopeCart, we value the importance of a collaborative relationship between vendors and affiliates. Our platform facilitates collaboration by automating the approval process, reducing time and effort for both parties.

Together, we create an environment based on trust, flexibility and success. With CopeCart, integrating new upsell products into the funnel is a seamless process that gives vendors the freedom to expand their offering, while affiliates benefit from new opportunities.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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