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How do I create an upsell funnel?
How do I create an upsell funnel?

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What is an upsell funnel?

An upsell funnel is a sales path used to offer more products or services to existing customers. After the initial purchase, your customers can add another product with a single click without re-entering their information.

Maximize your sales! The most experienced CopeCart vendors often use upsells on their offers to further increase their profit. Use upsells to increase your sales without much effort if you don't want to miss the chance to retain 10% or more.

Create Upsell Funnel

To create an upsell funnel, you need several upsell products. You can clone your existing upsell products or add more upsell products.

Enter your funnel name, as well as a detailed description.

Sales path: Here you have the possibility to offer different products to your customer.

The “Yes” and “No” options explained

After you have deposited your upsell product, the customer has the option to purchase this product with “Yes” buy or “No” do not buy. If he buys the product, it is up to you whether you offer your customer additional products or the upsell funnel ends there.

If your customer doesn't want to buy the upsell product, you can still offer them more products to buy, even if the actual upsell product doesn't fit their needs. It thus ensures a higher sales volume for your products.

In your settings, you can customize the funnel name or description and offer your own thank you page.

Save your entries at the end by clicking on the green icon.

We wish you fun in creating your upsell funnel.

For further questions please contact our support team.

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