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Addon products

Definition addon product, set price and edit, order bump

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Update: Unlimited order bumps

You now have the option of integrating unlimited order bumps in your checkout. This allows your customers to add additional products to their purchase with just one click, which can significantly increase your sales opportunities.

To activate this feature, simply go to the product settings and activate the order bumps.

You can find more details on the configuration in the following sections.

What are Addon Products?

Addons and Order Bumps are product recommendations presented to customers during the checkout process of a product. It provides an overview of all recommended products that can be purchased along with the main product.

An Addon or Order Bumps can be added only after a product has already been created.

To activate an addon option, go to the “Addon Products” section of the product edit page, toggle the Shift key and select the product to be used as an addon.

In the pop-up window, set the new price for this additional product or adjust the payment plan and click “accept”.

These changes apply only to Addon and do not affect the original product. This means that the same product will have a standard price when sold as a main product, and an adjusted (e.g. reduced) price when sold as an addon or order bump.

If you want a newly configured addon to be used as an Order Bump, toggle the Shift key.

Write the call to action, to the action and add a short description of your Order Bump to make it appealing to your customers.

The difference between addon and order bump

There is a difference between Addons and Order Bumps, although both are automatically offered to a buyer.

On a checkout page, Addon appears as a recommendation for the product a customer is buying.

Order Bump, on the other hand, always uses call-to-action text and may not be complementary for the main product.

Set price

CopeCart lets you set a specific price for your addons and order bumps without having to change anything in the configurations of the original product.

Example: You have created a product and set its price to €100. You want to give your customers the possibility to buy the product also at a lower price, like €50.00.

To make this possible, you should edit your addon (not the original product).

The changes you make to an addon product apply only to the addon and do not affect the original product.

In this example, it means that if your customers buy the product as a standalone product, they will pay $100.0 for it, and if they buy this exact product as an addon, they will pay $50.00.

These different pricing schemes do not affect each other, as the original product configurations remain the same. You don't need to make copies of the addon product to change its price. Besides, you can use the same addon for some (or all) of your main products and adjust its pricing scheme independently in each case.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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