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Refund and chargeback at CopeCart
Refund and chargeback at CopeCart

The difference between a refund and a chargeback lies in the way a money transaction is reversed

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We understand that sometimes there can be confusion regarding the terms "refund" and "chargeback". In this help article, we explain the difference between these two terms to help clarify payment transactions.

The refund

The refund refers to the return of a payment already made to the customer. For example, if a product was returned or an unexpected quality of service was received, the Vendor may refund the amount paid. A refund is usually on a voluntary basis and is usually made to the original means of payment.

The chargeback

On the other hand, there is the chargeback. Thus, one speaks of a return debit note when a previously authorized payment by direct debit is reversed by the payee's bank. A return debit note occurs due to errors or problems with the debit, such as insufficient account coverage or an objection by the customer to the debit.

The return debit note is therefore a process initiated by the customer.

In such cases, the amount is debited from the payee's account and credited back to the customer's account.

In summary, a refund is a voluntary return of a payment already made by the seller or service provider, while a chargeback is a forced reversal of a direct debit payment already made due to payment problems or objection by the payer.

We hope this brief introduction will help you better understand the difference between a refund and a chargeback. Feel free to read on for more detailed information on the specific scenarios and procedures related to refunds and chargebacks.

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Return debit notes for vendors

How are returned debit notes handled at CopeCart?

All payments at CopeCart (including fees) are handled in two stages: 80% of the amount is processed on the 14th day, and the remaining 20%—on the 40th day.


The chargeback dispute for €100 was settled on October 1. On October 14, 80% of €100 plus 80% of the chargeback fee is charged by the seller:

(80 % × €100) + (80 % × €30) = €80 + €24 = €104.

The 40th day after the chargeback is resolved is November 10, and then the remaining 20% of the chargeback plus 20% of the chargeback fee is deducted by the seller:

(20 % × €100) + (20 % × €30) = €20 + €6 = €26.


What are the fees for chargebacks?

  • It depends on the payment service provider.

How often do chargebacks occur?

  • They are very rare. Almost all occurring requests of buyers are met with refunds.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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