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The security deposit at CopeCart
The security deposit at CopeCart

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What is the security deposit?

It sometimes happens that vendors, affiliates and joint venture partners issue chargebacks or returns. To protect your CopeCart account from unnecessarily high transaction costs and financial risks, CopeCart uses a security measure.

This is how it works:

After a successful order, CopeCart first transfers 80% of the amount to you on the next possible payout date, which is usually within a maximum of 14 days. This means you have a large part of your earnings available quickly.

For security reasons, however, the remaining 20% will not be transferred until 40 days after the order has been placed. In this way, CopeCart ensures that any chargebacks or returns have already been taken into account before the remaining payment is made.

With this arrangement, CopeCart wants to ensure that your account remains protected and that you still receive the majority of your earnings in a timely manner.

Find out everything about our "Fast Payout" feature here.

You can edit your payout interval as well as your minimum payouts in your account settings.

Example calculation

If you have income of €1000 on 27.08. and there is no chargeback to the customer, you will receive a payout of €800 (80% of the purchase amount) on the next possible date (i.e., 14.09.). After 40 days you will receive the remaining €200 (20% of the purchase amount), provided that there was no chargeback to the customer during this time.

For further questions, please contact our support team.

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