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Team management at CopeCart - Efficient task distribution for an optimized vendor account
Team management at CopeCart - Efficient task distribution for an optimized vendor account

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CopeCart's team management feature is a powerful function that allows vendors to assign specific roles and authorizations to their employees. This flexibility not only enables the efficient distribution of tasks, but also takes the overall management of the vendor account to a new level.

Why team management?

Vendors get a customized solution to meet the different requirements of different team members. It allows them to precisely control access to functions and data, ensuring the security and integrity of the vendor account.

How does it work?

You can find the team management in your dashboard:

Creating a new user role

When you open Team Management in your account, you will already see three predefined roles (Support, Sale and Finance Manager). You can rename, customize and, of course, remove these roles as you wish. CopeCart allows you to create up to 20 roles.

You can keep track of the number of roles you have created using a tracker in the top right-hand corner. You can create up to 20 roles.

Start by creating a new user role. You decide what to call it and which accesses are activated. You have the freedom to customize, rename or, of course, delete the roles as required.

Customize permissions

After you have created a new role, you can define which specific permissions this role may have in your account.

  • Manage means that the role can make changes or edits.

  • View only means that the role can only view the data, but cannot edit anything.

  • No access means that the role cannot view or edit any data.

You can also adjust these settings at any time by going to the role and clicking on Edit:

Invite team member

You now have the option of inviting team members.

You cannot use an e-mail address that is already used for a CopeCart account. In this case, the team member must provide an alternative email address for the team membership, with which no CopeCart account has yet been created.

This approach serves to ensure that payouts are only made in verified accounts and contributes to the clear separation of financial transactions.

Navigate to the "Team management" section.

  1. Click on "Add member" and enter the required information.

  2. Select the role for the new team member.

  3. Click on "Send invitation.

Your team members are displayed in a clear overview. You can also adjust the assigned roles for each team member at any time as required.

Once you have sent the invitation and the user has confirmed it, your new team member has been successfully added.

In summary

CopeCart's team management feature not only allows for effortless task distribution, but also targeted control of access rights for each team member. With the flexibility to create individual user roles and the clear overview of team members, managing your vendor account becomes a smooth process.

Take advantage of the freedom to customize roles, invite team members and optimize your workflows.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, our support team is ready to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Good luck with team management at CopeCart!

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