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VIP Vendors at CopeCart

VIP Service, VIP-Vendor, VIP Relationship Manager

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With a turnover of more than 100.000,00 € within three months you will become a VIP VendorIn at CopeCart.

This brings you a great opportunity to receive an even more personalized and extended service from top experts.

To become a VIP VendorIn you should meet the following requirements:

1. You keep your sales stable at high five or six figures per month or have a clear prospect to reach this level.

2. You demonstrate rapid and remarkable sales progress over several months.

3. You have an existing or pending cooperation with CopeCart.

Being a VIP VendorIn gives you exclusive added value and privileged access to world-class mentoring and support. It is a unique opportunity to benefit from our extended service and work with experts at the highest level to further increase your success.

Advantages for VIP Vendors

  • Exclusive access to a personal VIP Relationship Manager who is there for you from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. If you have any questions or concerns, you can easily contact your VIP Relationship Manager in your personal VIP chat group (Slack and by email to and get a quick answer to your questions.

    We are always committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support to ensure that your experience with CopeCart is smooth and satisfying. Your personal VIP Relationship Manager is ready to assist you in any way possible.

  • Priority processing of requests

    As a VIP customer, you enjoy special priority in the processing of requests. If you have a feature in mind that is not yet implemented but that you would like to see, you can simply contact your personal VIP Relationship Manager. We will gladly take your request into consideration for future improvements of our software.

    Our goal is to provide our VIP customers with excellent service and to respond to their needs. Your personal VIP Relationship Manager specializes in listening to your concerns and ensuring that your ideas and suggestions are carefully considered. We value your feedback and always strive to improve our software according to the wishes of our VIP customers.

  • Immediate assistance with open cases

    As a VIP vendor, you receive immediate assistance with open cases. We process your concerns without delay and work directly on a solution. You will be regularly informed about the processing status, so that you are always up to date. At CopeCart there is no backlog of unprocessed requests for VIP vendors. Your concerns are our top priority, and we want to make sure you receive smooth and timely support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you promptly and ensure that your requirements are met as soon as possible.

  • Feedback meetings

    Are you stuck and don't know what to do next? Do you feel like you've reached your limits and your revenue has hit a low point? Would you like to talk about your experience with CopeCart?

    In our regular feedback sessions, you will have the opportunity to freely discuss your ideas, receive valuable advice and make insightful suggestions. We want to deepen our collaboration with you and look for solutions together to support you on your way to success. Your feedback and experiences are extremely important to us, and we are here to guide you through potential challenges and discover new perspectives. Let's work together and realize your full potential!

  • The opportunity to be a BETA tester

    As a VIP Vendor, you have the unique opportunity to be the first to use new features and actively participate in solution development. Your valuable feedback and experience will play a crucial role in shaping the optimal solution for vendors.

    We value your engagement and believe that your insights and ideas can help us further improve the platform and provide solutions tailored to the needs of vendors.

    Be part of our innovative process and help shape the future of CopeCart! Your involvement is important to us, and we look forward to working with you to develop the best possible features and continuously improve the vendor experience.

For further questions, please contact our support team or if you are already a VIP Vendor, your Relationship Manager (

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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