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Configure tracking key at CopeCart
Configure tracking key at CopeCart

Tracking keys for vendors and affiliates, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

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Use the tracking key feature to track your sales via alternative methods of collection such as metadata, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Configuring the tracking key is straightforward and doesn't require integrating CopeCart products with additional services or adding metadata to the checkout page.

By using the tracking key option, you can find out which advertising channel (email, landing page, website, social media, etc.) is most successful and generates more customers. This allows you to track and analyze affiliate sales on different platforms. This allows you to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize the performance of your sales.

Tracking key for vendors

If you want to promote other vendors' products as an affiliate, please read the next section.

If you want effective tracking of your own sales (not referred by affiliates), we recommend you to read the article about metadata. It is important to note that you cannot be an affiliate for the products you have created yourself. This means that you will not receive affiliate commission for selling your own products. The article on metadata will give you detailed insights on how to effectively track and analyze your own sales to optimize your business results.

Enable affiliate sales tracking by manually configuring the affiliate link with different tracking keys.

  1. To do that, go to the product edit page and select the “Affiliate settings” section.

  2. Enter the affiliate username and a corresponding unique tracking key to generate the affiliate link.

  3. After copying and pasting into the address bar, the affiliate link with the tracking key looks like this. The affiliate username and tracking key is included in the link.

You can use as many tracking keys for the same affiliate as your heart desires! If you don't configure the tracking keys, but your affiliate does, you can still track the progress.

To track sales with the tracking keys, go to the Transactions tab and scroll down to the Transactions list. Here you can find all records and analyze them.

Tracking keys for affiliates

Most automatically generated affiliate links can look like this:

It may happen that a vendor doesn't provide you with an affiliate link with a tracking key, or they automatically accept your request, and you get an auto-generated link—sometimes this is an interesting challenge!

In this case, if you want to find out where your sales come from, you can append your own tracking key to your affiliate link. To do this, add the appropriate word after the slash that follows your affiliate username in the affiliate link.

Make sure you don't use spaces or specific symbols other than underscores.

Use your affiliate link with different tracking keys for different marketing channels (email marketing, social media, website, etc.).

Please note that tracking key is the only parameter you can change in your affiliate link.

The part is static and cannot be changed to avoid any problems.

To track sales with tracking keys, go to the Transactions tab and scroll down to the Transactions list. Here you can find all records and analyze them.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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