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Working with distributors opens up exciting opportunities for you to increase your reach and successfully distribute your products or services to the market, which can help attract new customers.

Here it is important to note: An affiliate has the interesting option to additionally act as a vendor and sell their own products through the platform. A vendor, on the other hand, cannot act as a seller for other products, but exclusively offers its own products on the platform.

Affiliates with extended permissions have the freedom to successfully sell their products through the telesales feature. They can quickly adjust the product price, amount and payment quantity to speed up the ordering process and optimize their sales results. It's a great way to increase their success on the platform!

Add sellers

  • Go to the menu item "Management".

  • Select the "Add seller" box at the top right and enter the user name.

  • Once the user is identified, the parameters for this salesperson should be configured. This includes selecting a product that this salesperson will offer via phone sales and specifying the commission rate that the salesperson will receive.

  • It is up to you to decide how many products a salesperson should sell and what commission(s) are set. You have the option to either set a single commission rate for a specific product, or offer multiple commission rates for the same product for the seller to choose from.

It is important to note: For an affiliate to become a seller, he or she must accept your request to become a seller. The affiliate decides for himself whether he or she wants to become a seller or not.

  • After you set up and save all the parameters and the user accepts your request, the added affiliate will get the permissions of a seller.

  • You can change the commission parameters at any time by clicking the Edit icon.

Please note that there are two possible options:

  1. Few sellers may sell the same product.

  2. A salesperson can sell a product with different commission rates if necessary. In this case, when a salesperson sells a product by phone, it is possible to select which commission rate to use.

Delete seller

To stop working with one of your sellers, you can remove the corresponding user simply by clicking the delete icon.

Please note that deleting a seller will only end the partnership with him regarding the selected product. There will be no effect for other products sold by this seller.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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