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Cancel subscription for vendors
Cancel subscription for vendors

Instructions for vendors to cancel a subscription

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There may be times when customers want their subscription cancelled. The cancellation can be done by both the buyer and the seller. Read the Functional limitations again before you cancel. Let's first take a look at how the Vendor performs the cancellation.

  1. To do this, log in to your CopaCart account and go to your transactions.

  2. Select the order ID and you will be redirected to the order overview.

    Click "Cancel subscription".

  3. Now the subscription is canceled, and no further debits will be made.

Time limited subscription

You have the option to make your product available for a limited period of time and the subscription will be automatically terminated after expiration and no further debits will be made to your customer.

You can set the date for the end of the subscription yourself. It can be either a current date to cancel a subscription immediately or another date when you want the payment plan to end automatically.

To do this, select a suitable date in your order overview:

Notifications and customer access after subscription cancellation

When the subscription is cancelled, the customer's access to the digital product will be automatically disabled only if you have configured the corresponding IPN. In all other cases, you should manually disable access to the products for the unsubscribed users.

If you do not configure an IPN, you will not be notified about failed or cancelled payments, and you will not be able to know whether access to a product should be disabled.

Functional restrictions

When you cancel an installment subscription, you cannot reactivate or resume it. You can resume the cancelled subscriptions later.

It is possible to pause subscriptions and suspend regular payments to resume them later without affecting the payment schedule.

You can find the article about canceling the subscription for buyers here.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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