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Affiliate Management - Approval of affiliate requests
Affiliate Management - Approval of affiliate requests

Manually confirm, reject, or automatically accept affiliate requests, terminate affiliate cooperation, change commissions

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Affiliate management is a feature in the dashboard that allows you, as a vendor, to manage all the logisticians and affiliates you work with. This view lists all affiliates whose collaboration requests you have either confirmed or declined.

So Affiliate management provides you with a central platform to keep track of your affiliate partnerships. You can filter and sort the individual affiliates by various criteria to quickly find the information you need.

For each affiliate, basic details such as name, contact details and website URL are displayed. In addition, you can also see the status of the collaboration, whether the request was confirmed or rejected. This allows you to check the current status of each affiliate relationship.

Affiliate management also gives you the possibility to perform other actions. For example, you can adjust the commission rate or terminate the cooperation with an existing affiliate. This gives you the flexibility to adjust and optimize your affiliate partnerships as needed.

Overall, Affiliate Management in Dashboard facilitates the management and organization of your affiliates and provides an efficient way to monitor the status of your cooperation with them. It helps you to run your affiliate programs successfully and to exploit the full potential of your affiliate relationships.

Requests for Affiliate Management: easy approval or denial

If an affiliate wants to promote and sell your product, they will send you a request for cooperation. You can find these requests in your affiliate management.

  • You can access your Affiliate Management by clicking on Settings (1) -> Affiliate Management (2) in your account.

  • In the 'Affiliate requests' tab (3) you will find a list of all affiliates whose cooperation requests you can confirm or reject.

  • Important: The affiliate will only receive the affiliate link to promote your product once the request has been confirmed. If you do not confirm the request, the process will remain inactive.

  • To confirm the request, simply click on the checkmark symbol:

  • If you want to decline the request, simply click on the x symbol:

Automatically accept affiliate requests

To automatically accept affiliate requests, select this option in the affiliate settings on the product edit page. By enabling this setting, you will not need to manually confirm (or decline) affiliate requests. Of course, you can terminate an affiliate partnership at any time.

Affiliate partnership termination and commission adjustment

You can terminate an affiliate partnership by clicking on the small pencil in the Affiliate Management view. There you get to the details, then go to the drop-down menu at Status and select "rejected" and confirm this with the button "apply" at the bottom right. Thus, the partnership with this affiliate is terminated. In the same view you can also adjust the commission rate.

Overview of your outgoing requests

To view your own affiliate requests (i.e. requests you send to another vendor to promote products as an affiliate), go to the "Outgoing requests" tab.

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