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Activate affiliate program

How can you add affiliates to your products and list your product on the CopeCart marketplace?, marketplace

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In order for your products to be promoted by affiliates, you can activate the affiliate program. To reach as many affiliates as possible you have the option to list your product on the CopeCart Marketplace, here it can be found by affiliates. There is an option for affiliates to apply to your product, you can set an automatic approval so that the affiliate can directly create the sales link. Or you can check the applications manually and then give the approval for each affiliate individually.

You can activate the affiliate program in your product, for this go to the edit mode of your product. Under the item "Affiliate Settings" you can find the button "Promote through Affiliates".

If you activate the button, the module of the affiliate program will open.

  • Enter the "URL of your sales page" in the field provided (here you can also enter the URL of the sales page of the website from which you link to the CopeCart checkout page)

  • store advertising material, further information and tools for your affiliates in the Affiliate Support Page field by creating an affiliate support page to which your registered affiliates have access in order to offer and market your product even more effectively

  • Activate the button "Show in marketplace" if you want to list your product on the CopeCart marketplace.

  • Define the commission for your product. You can set a commission in % (percent), AND/OR a one-time commission in € (Euro) for each sale. The affiliate gets this commission when the product is bought through the affiliate link.

  • If you want to automatically accept affiliate requests, enable the "Accept affiliate requests automatically" checkbox. If you don't activate the switch, you will receive an email for each request and you can accept or reject each request manually.

When you have made all the settings, save your entries by clicking the green save button in the upper right corner.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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