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How do I get my affiliate link?
How do I get my affiliate link?

Get affiliate link for different products, marketplace

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Affiliate links offer the opportunity to earn as affiliate commissions by promoting products or services of other vendors. Moreover, affiliate links help to expand reach and target potential customers, resulting in a win-win situation for affiliates and vendors.

  1. First, log in to your CopeCart account and navigate to your marketplace from the main menu.

  2. If the vendor manually accepts requests from affiliates, you will have to wait for confirmation before receiving the affiliate link.

  3. If the vendor has automatically accepted or confirmed your request, simply click the “Copy URL” button to receive your personal affiliate link for the product.

Structure of CopeCart Affiliate Links

Affiliate links have the following structure at CopeCart:{product-ID}/p/{affiliate-ID}/

{product-ID} is the product ID of the product

{affiliate-ID} is your affiliate ID

We have made the construction of CopeCart affiliate links very user-friendly. That's why we deliberately avoid superfluous link parameters.

What is my product ID?

The product ID is the 8-digit letter-digit combination that you will find in the product URL of each product.

What is my affiliate ID/ username?

Your affiliate ID is your CopeCart username. You can find it in your CopeCart account under the profile settings.

For further questions, please contact our support team.

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