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Our Help Center is your most powerful tool for using CopeCart!

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CopeCart Basics

Basics for successful selling and advertising on CopeCart

Get notified - Notifications of promotions in your CopeCart accountNotification of sale, defaulted payment, return debit, return, cancellation, paused subscription / installment payment PayPal, email
CopeCart as a resellerThe CopeCart reseller model simply explained, advantages with CopeCart
Your Dashboard at CopeCart
IPN documentations
Account types at CopeCart
KPI's of the mobile app dashboardExplanation of KPI's in your dashboard and how you can use them, view for vendors and affiliates in the app
Download invoice/ Create CSV fileTransaction overview/ Download invoices via your CopeCart account/ Create CSV file
DictionaryTerms, Definition, What is CopeCart
How do I create an account with CopeCart?Create an account at CopeCart, account settings, email verification
Order process/ Checkout optionsCheckout page, phone offer, phone sales, increase conversion rate, phone link, phone
Change your email address in your account: A step-by-step guidechange email, update email address, new email, change account details, change mail, new email
Security at CopeCart: How to protect your CopeCart accountData protection, password, data security
How to Unsubscribe from the CopeCart Newsletter
User validation (KYC) with CopeCartUser validation and KYC (Know-Your-Client Feature), verification, unlock account, receive payouts
Return policy at CopeCart: A guide for vendorsRevocation, return, chargeback, return period, right of return, B2B, B2C, revocation period, termination, withdrawal
IPN integration and IT support

Seamless integration: IPN connections and technological support in the Help Center

Upsell Button TemplatesTemplates for your upsell button and tips/ recommendations for upsell buttons/ sale buttons, embed code, code
Create upsell pageAdvantages of upsells, creating your upsell page, integration
How do I create an affiliate program for upsells?Create partner program for upsells, automatic release for upsells, Upsell Funnel
How do I pre-fill fields on the order form?Fields on the order form before filling (by GET parameters)
Button templatesMeaning and use of buttons, selection of different button templates, Code
Sales TrackingIPN tracking, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tracking
Shopping cart at CopeCartCreation and configuration, checkout, shop, integration
Add thank you pageWhat is a thank you page and how do you add it to your product?, order, order confirmation
Enable trackingActivation/Setup Tracking, Tracking Tools/Settings, Facebook Pixel, Google analytics
Connection to ZapierIntegration Zapier
IPNWhat exactly is IPN and how can you use it with CopeCart? API, Integration
Connection to Slack via ZapierSlack, IPN, API, Integration
Integration ActiveCampaign via ZapierActive campaign, IPN
Integration Mailchimp via ZapierMailchimp, IPN
Integration Salesforce via ZapierSalesforce, IPN
Connection Google Sheets via ZapierGoogle Sheets, IPN
Connection to Trello via ZapierTrello, IPN
Connection to HubSpotHubSpot, IPN
Connection to KlickTipp via ZapierKlickTipp, IPN
Connection to Kajabi via your CopeCart accountKajabi, IPN
Connection to Coachy via your CopeCart accountIPN
Connection to Memberspot via your CopeCart accountIPN
Connection to FunnelCockpitIPN
Connection to 4Leads via your CopeCart accountIPN
Connection to MentortoolsIPN
Connection to HyrosIPN, API, Ad Tracking, Attribution SoftwareEmail Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Activities, Tracking
Multi-device webinar trackingInstructions for multi-device webinar tracking, assignment of affiliate IDs, webinar tracking
Connection to DigiMember via ZapierDigiMember, Zapier, IPN
Connection to SkoolIPN, skool
Payments and refunds

Payment methods, secure transactions and everything to do with payments can be found here

Transaction types and transaction statusTransaction list, transactions at a glance, order overview, payment status, return status
Refund and chargeback at CopeCartThe difference between a refund and a chargeback lies in the way a money transaction is reversed
Paypal Pay Later at CopeCartpay later paypal, paypal credit check, credit score paypal
SEPA paymentsSEPA payments, direct debits and return debits
Changing the payment methodThe payment method of an order can be changed, how this works exactly, you can find out here
Payment process, taxation, transaction overviews and credits at CopeCartTaxation, transaction overviews and credit notes at CopeCart, taxes, freelancer, self-employed, small business
CopeCart feeFee, invoice examples for VendorIn, Affiliate and JVP, costs
Requirements for an Effective Dispute Resolution ProcessDescription of Requirements for Dispute Resolution
The security deposit at CopeCartWhy and how are payouts split?, Payouts, Amount missing, Amount is too low, Payout is too low, Credit note, transaction
No payment receivedLate payout, no payout received, reasons, no payout date, no date, when next payout
Initiate refundReimbursement, Refund, Refunding, Refunds
Easy continuation of the installment payment with a new payment linkIn the event of a failed payment, a payment link can be created so that the installment payment can be resumed
Payment method and returnsPayments, withdrawal, SOFORT, invoice, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, PayPal, SEPA, trial period, test phase, free trial
Payment plans at CopeCartSubscription, minimum term, installment payment, one-time payment, installments, monthly payment
Fast Payoutfaster payout, earlier payout, accelerate payout, express payout options
Cancel subscription for vendorsInstructions for vendors to cancel a subscription
Pause subscription and installments
Update subscription and installment payments/ charge failed installment payment via credit card againPrice change, paused payments, reactivate, activate, payment failed, charge again, credit card, new debit, change price
Provide evidence of service provisionDocuments and proofs
Klarna at CopeCartKlarna add as payment option in existing products, advantages, what is Klarna
Reverse charge procedure at CopeCart