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Order process/ Checkout options
Order process/ Checkout options

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CopeCart offers three different checkout options that allow vendors to sell their products or services in different ways. Thus, it is possible to benefit from highly converting and reliable checkouts that make the sale of the products or services through CopeCart efficient.

1. Checkout page

CopeCart's checkout page is a traditional option where customers are directed to a dedicated web page to complete their purchase. On this checkout page, customers can select their desired products, enter payment information, and complete the checkout process. This option provides complete control over the checkout process and allows sellers to customize the look and functionality of the checkout page.

2. Phone offer with link

The Phone Offer option with link allows sellers to make a special offer to their customers over the phone. Sellers can send customers a personalized link that takes them to a special checkout page. The customer can then review the offer, place their order, and complete the purchase. This option is particularly well suited for sellers who want personal contact with their customers or to create targeted offers.

3. Phone offer without link

The Phone Offer option without a link offers sellers the possibility to complete the purchase process directly over the phone. In this case, sellers can take the order over the phone and enter payment information manually. This option is ideal for sellers who want to provide personalized customer service or for products or services where a face-to-face conversation is important before the purchase.

Please note that you will need to consider the following before beginning:

  1. Always record your sales conversation, the recording serves as the basis of the contract. If there is no record of the sales conversation when asked by CopeCart, the order will be canceled.

  2. Always inform the Buyer that his contractual partner is CopeCart GmbH.

3. Be aware that only the Terms and Conditions of CopeCart GmbH apply to the buyer.

We have created a detailed article about selling over the phone, check it out here.

These three checkout options at CopeCart allow vendors to customize their sales strategies and tailor the checkout process to the needs of their customers.

Whether preferring a dedicated checkout page, making a personal offer over the phone, or completing the purchase directly over the phone, CopeCart offers

flexible options to make the sales process effective and maximize conversion rates.

If you have any further questions, our support team will be happy to help you, just drop us a message.

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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