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Phone Offer Feature at CopeCart - Selling made easy by phone
Phone Offer Feature at CopeCart - Selling made easy by phone

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Telemarketing is a great way to directly address the needs and questions of your customers. This personal communication allows you to better tailor your products to their needs, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Another advantage of phone sales is the small amount of time you need to close a sale. By interacting directly with the customer, you can quickly convey relevant information and address potential concerns, speeding up the decision-making process.

The phone offer feature allows you as a vendor to customize the payment details for each order, independent of the general product settings. This means you have the flexibility to offer different payment plans. You can set the amount, quantity and payment intervals on the fly without having to change the basic configuration of your products.

In summary, telesales allows for more personalized customer service, more efficient sales closings, and flexibility in payment terms, resulting in an overall improved sales experience for you and your customers.

Please consider the following points:

  1. Always record your sales conversation, the recording serves as the basis of the contract. If there is no record of the sales conversation when asked by CopeCart, the order will be canceled.

  2. Always inform the Buyer that his contractual partner is CopeCart Ltd.

  3. Be aware that only the GTC of CopeCart GmbH apply to the buyer.


  • SOFORT payment cannot be selected as a payment method for phone sales.

  • Invoice payment method applies to one-time payments and installment payments.

  • Address fields are mandatory for all product types.

  • Phone sales feature is disabled for inactive products.

  • Sales restrictions by country do not apply to phone sales.

Vendor view

The Vendor has two ways to access the telesales page:

  1. On the product page, select the following product and click the button.

  2. On the product editing page and click the button.

When the new telesales page is opened, all payment plans are automatically available for the product. The Vendor can change the payment details and edit/fill in the buyer's personal information before the “Order Now” button is clicked.

Please note that a Vendor does not need to edit anything in the product settings or add another payment plan. In fact, on the new telesales page, a vendor can change the payment plan instantly using the drop-down menu.


  • Can I change a main product when I use the phone sales feature?

    Yes, you can do this using the drop-down menu:

    In addition, if all buyer information has been filled in once and the main product is subsequently replaced (e.g. one has changed one's mind), all data apart from payment details will be preserved, so the seller will only need to add these.

  • I have only one payment plan configured. Do I need to change the initial product settings to select a different payment plan?

    No. It is not necessary to edit the product settings.

    Each of the existing payment plans can be selected for phone sales order specifically and independently.

  • Should I reconfigure the payment data to adjust the amount, quantity, and intervals of the installment payments?

    No, payments do not need to be reconfigured.

    Simply set the desired amount and select the appropriate payment interval.

  • Did any of my changes on the telesales page affect the initial product settings?

    No, your change did not affect your product settings.

    These changes only apply to the specific order.

  • Can I choose different payment plans for different buyers purchasing the same product?


    Configurations made on the telesales page do not affect other payment plans.

  • Do the JVP terms and conditions apply to products sold using the telesales feature

    Yes, if they have been configured beforehand.

Affiliate view

Any affiliate who is provided with the seller's advanced permissions by the vendor can use the phone sale feature.

To access a phone sale page, the vendor should go to their product page. For the affiliate, it is possible to see only the products listed as product cards, but the seller is given additional permissions so that they can see a phone icon on any product card that has a phone sale enabled:

The phone sale brings more flexibility to the sales process as the seller can adjust the schedule, quantity, and amount as they see fit.

When the seller sells a product using the phone sales feature, he can select which exact commission rate should be used in this order.

IMPORTANT! It is obligatory to select the commission to avoid incorrect deduction of the affiliate share. After that, there will be no correction of the transaction!

In addition, the phone order ensures that all required fields with the buyer's personal data are filled in correctly and no information is missing.

The seller can also choose the payment method requested by the buyer.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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