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Deal Closer Tool / Phone Offer
Deal Closer Tool / Phone Offer

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How to use the phone feature at CopeCart

With our Deal Closer Tool, you can easily close high-priced service packages by phone or video call and create automatic commission payouts. Simplify your customer acquisition by filling in the customer details, customizing the payment plan and completing the purchase in a legally compliant way during the call.

To use the full potential of our telephone feature, please follow the steps below:

1. introducing the call

  • Greeting: Greet the customer and introduce yourself and the product.

  • Explain the purchase process: Explain to the customer that the purchase process can be completed over the phone.

  • Consent to recording: Inform the customer that the call will be recorded for quality assurance and documentation purposes and obtain their consent.

2. mention the contractual partner CopeCart GmbH

  • Mention the contractual partner: Read the following text to the customer:

"The contractual partner is CopeCart GmbH, Rosenstr. 2, 10178 Berlin which resells the product to you as a reseller."

  • Confirm acceptance: Ask the customer whether they have understood and accepted this. For confirmation, see point 6.

3. send URL of the customer GTC

  • Inform the GTC: Inform the customer that CopeCart's General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are available online.

  • Explain rights of withdrawal: Explain that the customer will also be informed there about his rights of withdrawal.

4. obtain the customer's consent

  • Confirm GTC and withdrawal rights: Ask the customer whether they have taken note of the GTC and the rights of withdrawal contained therein.

  • Alternatively: Ask the customer whether they have waived their right of withdrawal.

5. enter payment data

  • Enter data: Enter the customer's payment data and ensure that all data is correct and complete.

6. confirmation in the checkout

  • Confirmation: After successfully completing points 1-5, confirm the checkbox before completing the purchase:

7. complete the conversation

  • Confirm purchase: Confirm to the customer that the purchase has been completed.

  • Explain next steps: Inform about the next steps (e.g. e-mail confirmation, delivery, etc.).

These steps ensure that the telephone sales process runs smoothly and that all legal requirements are met. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always available to help you.

Good luck with your sales!

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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