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Payments and refunds
Payments and refunds

Payment methods, secure transactions and everything to do with payments can be found here

21 articles
Transaction types and transaction statusTransaction list, transactions at a glance, order overview, payment status, return status
Refund and chargeback at CopeCartThe difference between a refund and a chargeback lies in the way a money transaction is reversed
Paypal Pay Later at CopeCartpay later paypal, paypal credit check, credit score paypal
SEPA paymentsSEPA payments, direct debits and return debits
Changing the payment methodThe payment method of an order can be changed, how this works exactly, you can find out here
Payment process, taxation, transaction overviews and credits at CopeCartTaxation, transaction overviews and credit notes at CopeCart, taxes, freelancer, self-employed, small business
CopeCart feeFee, invoice examples for VendorIn, Affiliate and JVP, costs
Requirements for an Effective Dispute Resolution ProcessDescription of Requirements for Dispute Resolution
The security deposit at CopeCartWhy and how are payouts split?, Payouts, Amount missing, Amount is too low, Payout is too low, Credit note, transaction
No payment receivedLate payout, no payout received, reasons, no payout date, no date, when next payout
Initiate refundReimbursement, Refund, Refunding, Refunds
Easy continuation of the installment payment with a new payment linkIn the event of a failed payment, a payment link can be created so that the installment payment can be resumed
Payment method and returnsPayments, withdrawal, SOFORT, invoice, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, PayPal, SEPA, trial period, test phase, free trial
Payment plans at CopeCartSubscription, minimum term, installment payment, one-time payment, installments, monthly payment
Fast Payoutfaster payout, earlier payout, accelerate payout, express payout options
Cancel subscription for vendorsInstructions for vendors to cancel a subscription
Pause subscription and installments
Update subscription and installment payments/ charge failed installment payment via credit card againPrice change, paused payments, reactivate, activate, payment failed, charge again, credit card, new debit, change price
Provide evidence of service provisionDocuments and proofs
Klarna at CopeCartKlarna add as payment option in existing products, advantages, what is Klarna
Reverse charge procedure at CopeCart