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Changing the payment method

The payment method of an order can be changed, how this works exactly, you can find out here

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Change payment method - An improved user experience

If a payment was not successful when placing an order, the customer has the option to change the payment method. For example, if a payment with SOFORT-transfer did not work, the customer will receive a link from us to change the payment method to SEPA/Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card.

In case of a failed payment, the following payment methods can be changed:

  • Credit/Debit Card


  • SEPA (direct debit)

The above payment methods can be switched to either credit/debit card or SEPA if the payment was not successful in the first attempt.

However, it is not possible to switch to SOFORT bank transfer from any other payment method.

Unfortunately, PayPal does not currently allow switching payment methods. This means that PayPal cannot be switched to another as the selected payment method in the future. Likewise, it is not possible to switch from another payment method to PayPal.

How can the payment method be changed?

If a payment cannot be made, the customer will be informed by e-mail. This e-mail will contain a link and the detailed procedure how to change the payment method.

If a payment method has been successfully changed, the customer will receive the following notification:

It is not necessary to inform a Vendor about the change to another payment method. The vendor is automatically informed when a customer makes the next payment.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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