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Terms, Definition, What is CopeCart

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Subscription: The payment plan that consists of recurring fixed payments and may not have an expiration date. Regular payments may be charged on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Vendor may pause the subscription or create a temporary subscription.

Subscription Termination: The process of terminating a subscription payment plan that can be initiated at any time.

Addon: An additional, often complementary, product offered to a customer before they have purchased the main product.

Affiliate: a user registered with CopeCart who sells other people's products (i.e., Vendors) through a special link of their own and receives a set commission for doing so. Affiliate account is free of charge.

Apple Pay: a payment solution used for instant one-click payments. Apple Pay should be pre-configured on the customer's device to be available.

Payout: The amount earned and received by a seller and/or affiliate according to a customized plan. Minimum payout is €50.

Payout interval: a fixed period of time that defines the regularity of payouts. Can be set to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually.

Thank You, Page: The page to which a customer is redirected after purchasing a product. The Vendor creates and configures this page to provide access to the product and supplemental information (if any). If the Vendor does not create this page, a default thanks you page provided by CopeCart will be used.

Privacy: The protection of personal data. You can familiarize yourself with CopeCart's privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

One-Time Payment: A type of payment plan where the Customer must pay the entire amount at once.


Google Pay: A payment solution used to make instant one-click payments. Google Pay should be pre-configured to be available on the customer's device.

IPN Notification: A message that is automatically sent to the pre-configured system when actions such as product purchase, customer registration, chargeback, refund, order cancellation, or subscription cancellation are triggered.

JVP (Joint Venture Partner): Another vendor invited to contribute to a product development as a partner in exchange for their respective share of the revenue.


Cancellation: A process by which a subscription or installment is cancelled (terminated). Termination ≠ Cancellation.

Direct debit: This is the same as SEPA.

Logistician: Affiliates with advanced privileges whose job is to maintain and track all shipping activity.

Microsoft Pay: A payment solution that enables instant one-click payments. Microsoft pay should be pre-configured to be available on the customer's device.


Installment payment: A payment plan in which the product price is divided into a fixed number of amounts that are paid at specified intervals. Regular payments may be charged on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.

Refund: The process of returning the transaction amount to the buyer is called a refund. Refunds are initiated by the Seller or by CopeCart on behalf of the Seller. Refund = Cancellation.

Chargeback: A process of chargeback of funds initiated by a buyer or an issuing bank.

SEPA Limit: By default, payment with SEPA (or direct debit) is not possible if the order amount exceeds €500. SEPA is only available for validated users.

Cancellation/refund: A process of scheduling the transaction that results in a return (refund).

Support email address: A vendor's email address to which customers can send their questions and requests. Support email is entered into a corresponding field in the account settings. Vendor can set its personal email used for registration as support email or use a special email created for support requests. This support email is displayed on the checkout page and thank you page.


Upsell: an additional product offered to a customer after the purchase of the main product.

Read more: Create Upsell Page

Vendor: A user registered with CopeCart who creates and sells products. The vendor account is free of charge.

Vendor: Affiliates with advanced permissions, whose task is to sell products through the “Phone Quote” feature.

Payment method: the way in which a customer pays for the purchased products. CopeCart supports the next payment methods: SEPA/Direct Debit, SOFORT (Sofortüberweisung), PayPal, VISA/Mastercard and Invoice.

Payment plan: The algorithm used to charge a buyer with payments. CopeCart supports one-time, installment and subscription payment plans.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our support team.

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