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Collection overview and settings
Collection overview and settings

Status and process of the collection area, dunning options, automatic dunning procedure

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In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the critical settings in the dunning process. Learn how to optimally configure the collection area to track the status of receivables and make the process run smoothly. From start to finish - learn how to keep track of all data and efficiently handle the dunning process.

The collection/ debts area in your CopeCart account

  • In your account, go to the "Transactions" category and then select "Debts (Beta)" from the top right menu.

Settings in your debt collection

  1. Here you can see the last data update.

  2. You have the possibility to choose between two reminder options. Please note that you can only change this every 30 days.

    Option a: Dunning + Collection + Judicial dunning

    If the customer does not make the overdue payment after two reminders, the case will be handled by our collection partner and a judicial dunning procedure will be initiated.

    Option b: Dunning + Collection + Termination

    If the customer fails to make the overdue payment after two reminders, the case will be handled by our collection partner and the order will be cancelled.

3. Select whether the open receivables should be automatically transferred to Collection. If you enable this option, all new overdue orders will be sent to the collection without any check.

If you do not activate this slider, you can check the open receivables manually and then send them to the collection.

4. Here you can send chargebacks automatically to Inkasso. If this option is not active, you can check these cases manually and then forward them to Inkasso.

Important: An indispensable prerequisite for initiating the dunning procedure and handing it over to our collection partner is the customer's complete address. Make sure that each order has this basic information.

Using filters

If there are several cases, you can use filters. Select "In progress" to view the status of the currently processed cases. With "All periods" you can overview the desired period. To download a list as a CSV file, just click on the "Download CSV" button. Under "Amount" you can select the quantity, and in the last filter field you can enter the order ID, first name or last name of the customer.

Display board

All debt collection cases are displayed there. The "Actions" show you if you can cancel the process or start a reminder process. It shows you the data (name, order ID and payment plan) of the customers that were filled in when they purchased your product.

The collection status is a good way for you to see the current status of one of your customers.

To the right of it, the overdue days are displayed.

You also have insight into the outstanding receivables, order amount, amount already paid, cancellation costs and the selected reminder option process.

We hope that this article has given you a great overview and that you can make your desired settings afterwards.

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