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Sales URL required for PayPal payments
Sales URL required for PayPal payments
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If you sell products via CopeCart and use PayPal as a payment method, there is an important change: From now on, it is necessary to provide a sales URL, i.e. a link to the website where customers can purchase the product.

Why is this important?

PayPal has introduced this requirement to make transactions more secure and transparent.

How do I add a sales URL?

1. log in to your CopeCart account and navigate to the "Products" section

2. select the relevant product for which you offer PayPal as a payment option

3. copy the link to the website where the product is advertised/sold. This can be your own website (landing page), your CopeCart store, Instagram, Facebook or another valid sales page.

4. paste the link into the appropriate field and save the changes.

What happens if no sales URL is specified?

Products without a sales URL cannot be validated and will therefore be rejected by our review team. Please note that this requirement applies to all products that use PayPal as a payment method and are to be sold via CopeCart. Already validated products are excluded. The change applies to all newly created products and existing products that have been modified and therefore need to be re-validated.

Do you need support?

Our support team is ready to help with any questions or problems. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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