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FAQ Product validation
FAQ Product validation

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We have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about product validation.

Why were my products rejected?

CopeCart has recently introduced new product categories to comply with legal requirements and maintain its own quality standards.

These changes have resulted in many older products no longer being correctly categorized.

We are currently in the review phase where we are re-analyzing all products. Products that are incorrectly categorized will therefore be rejected.

What exactly is new?

We have introduced two new product categories:

  • Distance learning and

  • Service with digital content.

Which products fall into the "service with digital content" category?

Products such as personal support, advice (e.g. 1:1 coaching and mentoring with digital interactions such as Q&A sessions, support via WhatsApp or Telegram).

Live webinars also fall into this category.

My product is a digital product and not a service, why is it rejected?

It is important to know the difference between these two categories:

CopeCart defines a digital product as, for example, member areas and video courses/

Access to a protected area on a website where members can participate online, e.g. in courses that are fully pre-recorded.

Coaching with 1:1 support, where interaction with the customer takes place, is a service with digital content. This can include a database with pre-recorded videos and additional live meetings, for example via Zoom. But support via WhatsApp and Telegram is also included.

How is it decided which category my product belongs in?

A detailed product description of your product is essential.

  • Describe EXACTLY what the customer gets and in what form (e.g. access to video courses and support via WhatsApp)

  • We can use your product description to check which category your product best fits into.

What is the difference between "services with digital content" and "other services"?

  • Services with digital content are provided entirely online, for example coaching on the topic of cryptocurrency. The coaching takes place entirely online. It is a combination of (pre-produced) content such as videos, personal support and mentoring.

  • Other services are (individual) services that are provided. They may require personal interaction between the vendor and the customer. The service can also be created digitally. For example, the creation of a homepage for a customer. This requires direct interaction, i.e. agreements via telephone or email on the customer's ideas, content, etc., but the pure service is also provided digitally.

What happens now with my rejected products?

Please recreate your products, they will then be checked and approved by our product validation team within 48 hours. If we have any queries, we will contact you by email, so please check your inbox regularly.

How can I get support with categorizing my products?

  • We have a detailed help article in which all product categories are explained: LINK

  • Feel free to contact our support team directly:

Best regards

Your CopeCart Team

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