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Connection to Hyros

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Hyros is an ad tracking and attribution software developed specifically for digital businesses. It enables users to track the profitability and impact of their email marketing campaigns and calculate the return on investment of their marketing activities over weeks, months and years.

Create an integration to Copecart in your Hyros account:

  • Go to Settings/ Settings,

  • then select the tab Integrations/ Integrations,

  • in the search field you can enter "CopeCart,

  • click on configure.

You can now name the integration and assign a secret key. Then click on "get webhook" to copy the data.

Now create the integration in your CopeCart account:

  • Navigate to the IPN connections via the settings.

  • Click on "New integration".

Select "Hyros" from the list.

Enter the name of the connection that you selected for Hyros. Then paste the copied webhook data into the "Notification URL" field. Set the switch to "active".

Then save your entries by clicking on the green save button.

Activate your IPN connection now for any product and place a test order.

For further questions about your Hyros account, follow this link.

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