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Connection to Skool

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Skool is a learning platform specifically designed to meet the needs of digital course providers. With the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) connection between CopeCart and Skool, you can set up automated notifications of sales and other transactions to seamlessly manage your course offerings.

Instructions for Integrating Skool and CopeCart via Zapier

With Zapier, you can easily connect Skool and CopeCart to set up automated IPNs (Instant Payment Notifications). Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

1. Prerequisites

  • Zapier Account: Sign up on Zapier.

  • Skool Account with API Access: You need an API key from Skool.

  • CopeCart Account: Make sure you have access to your CopeCart settings.

2. Get API Key from Skool

  • Log in to your Skool account.

  • Go to Settings and select Plugins.

  • Activate the Zapier Integration and click on Edit.

  • Copy your API key and group URL.

3. Create a New Zap in Zapier

  • Go to your Zapier dashboard and create a new Zap.

  • Search for Skool and select it as the Trigger App.

  • Choose the trigger New Paid Member or Answered Membership Questions, depending on which data you want to transfer.

  • Connect your Skool account by entering the API key and group URL.

4. Test the Trigger

  • After connecting your Skool account, test the trigger to ensure Zapier pulls the data correctly.

  • You should see that Zapier fetches the relevant member data (like name, email address, questions/answers).

5. Set Up Integration in Your CopeCart Account

  • Navigate to IPN Integrations:

  • Log in to your CopeCart account.

  • Go to Settings.

  • Add New Integration:

  • Select the tab "IPN Integrations".

  • Click on "New Integration".

  • Select Skool:

  • Choose "Skool" from the list of available integrations.

  • Enter Data and Name the Integration:

  • Enter the name of the integration you chose in Skool.

  • Paste the webhook URL from Skool into the "Notification URL" field. (You get this webhook URL from Skool once you activate the Zapier integration there.)

  • Toggle the switch to "active".

  • Save the Entries:

  • Click the green save button to save your settings.

You can now see the integration in your CopeCart account:

6. Test and Activate the Zap

  • Test the full integration to ensure data is correctly transferred from Skool to CopeCart.

  • If the test is successful, activate the Zap.

7. Troubleshooting

  • Ensure that the API keys and URLs are correct.

  • Verify that all required fields in Zapier and the connected apps are correctly configured.

  • Check out the Zapier Community and the Zapier Help Center if you encounter issues.

These steps should help you successfully integrate Skool and CopeCart via Zapier. Good luck with automating your processes!

For more detailed instructions, check out the articles in the Skool Help Center.

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