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What is a thank you page and how do you add it to your product?, order, order confirmation

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Once customers have purchased your product, they are automatically redirected to a thank you page. This thank you page serves several purposes: it informs the customer that the purchase has been completed successfully and that all the required data has been submitted. It also adds a personal touch to your product by creating a unique atmosphere.

You also have the option to use CopeCart's thank you page instead of creating your own. So if you leave this field empty in your product settings, your customers will automatically receive a standardized thank you page from CopeCart. This informs them about the successful completion of the purchase and the secure transmission of their data. This allows you to focus on further developing your product, while your customers have a professional and smooth experience.

This is what CopeCart's preset thank you page looks like:

This is how you implement an individual thank-you page for your product

  • Log in to your CopeCart account

  • From your main menu, go to the "Products" tab and select "Edit" for your product.

  • In your product view, scroll down to the "Thank you page" section.

  • Insert the URL of your thank you page here.

  • Click Save changes and your thank you page is added to your product.

We wish you success in creating your thank you page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support.

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