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KPI changes from 17.06.2024
KPI changes from 17.06.2024

KPI, Cash flow - Changelog

Updated over a week ago

From 17.06.2024, the system will only display values on the dashboards after payments have been received in our CopeCart account (based on the 'cashflow at' date).

What does this mean for you?

  • Current system: KPIs can include orders with pending payments based on the order date.

  • New system: KPIs will only include payments that have been successfully received.

Impact on your dashboard

  • Income KPIs: May appear lower than before as only payments received are taken into account.

  • Accuracy: The new system provides a more accurate representation of your actual income received.

Why are we making this change?

  • Financial accuracy: Ensures that your financial KPIs match the actual cash flow.

  • Improved clarity: Reduces discrepancies between forecasted and received revenue.

Which KPIs will be changed?

Here we present all KPIs that are affected by the change:


Net yield - (daily/monthly/yearly)

Net annual income performance chart

Net revenue

Net income through affiliates

Net revenue chart

Recurring net income

Recurring Net Income Comparison Chart

Recurring Net Income - Expected/Recurring Chart (next/current month)

Net Amount Earned (Daily/Monthly/Yearly)

Net income vs. goal (daily/monthly/yearly)

Net income

Net amount earned

Total net amount

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