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What exactly is IPN and how can you use it with CopeCart? API, Integration

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IPN stands for "Instant Payment Notification". It is a feature or protocol used in online payments.

For example, when you buy something online and your payment is successfully completed, the payment processor sends an IPN to the seller. This notification is real-time and informs the seller that the payment has been received.

The IPN usually contains information such as the amount of the payment, the name of the buyer, the reference number of the transaction and other relevant details. This information enables the seller to process the payment, complete the purchase, and notify the customer of the progress.

IPN is particularly useful for online stores or service providers, as it allows them to process payments automatically and send instant confirmations. This way, they can serve their customers quickly and ensure that all payments are processed properly.

So with CopeCart, as a vendor, you can implement an IPN connection in your product. For example, your customers can receive the access data for the product directly after purchase or, in the case of a subscription, the monthly features are activated as soon as payment is received.

In summary, IPN is a system that allows payment providers to send instant notifications of payments to sellers so that they can process the payments and send confirmations to their customers.

Implement your IPN at CopeCart now. Learn more here.

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