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We are very happy that you have decided to sell your products through our platform. We want to make sure that you are well informed and can work successfully with us.

Therefore, we would like to introduce our new tier structure to you, which is intended to ensure the high standard that we set for our products.

​What is the tier structure at CopeCart?

The tier structure was developed to ensure that we continue to maintain our high quality standards for the products offered.

Every month, we calculate the average of the last three months of your chargebacks. Based on this average, we determine your tier level and adjust your rates for the following month accordingly.

The tier levels are as follows:

Level 1: CopeCart Fee + 0% (Chargeback rate ≤ 5%)

Level 2: CopeCart Fee + 1% (Chargeback rate > 5% ≤ 8%)

Level 3: CopeCart Fee + 2% (Chargeback rate > 8% ≤ 12%)

Level 4: CopeCart Fee + 4% (Chargeback rate > 12%)

What does this mean for you as a vendor?

The lower your chargeback rate, the lower your fees. This means that high customer satisfaction and a low chargeback rate will be rewarded. We want to work together with you to create a first-class buying experience for our customers.

​Changes in the chargeback rate

It is important to note that in case of changes in your chargeback rate, whether it is an increase or a decrease, you will be notified via email.

This allows you to always be informed about your current performance and make adjustments if necessary to improve your tier level.

​Do you have any further questions or suggestions?

Our support team is always available to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about the tier structure or other topics. We are here to help you and ensure that your experience as a vendor at CopeCart runs as smoothly as possible.

We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with you!

Your CopeCart Team

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